The Hops are Free in Alabama!!!

Posted by Paulon May 22, 2009 |
The Hops are Free in Alabama!!!

Since our post on ABV limits was so popular and seemed to touch a nerve, I wanted to post an email from Tom Cale who has been very kind in keeping us up to date with the situation in Alabama. Thanks so much to all those who contributed to the conversation. Now we need to educate Mississippi!

Message Attention America : The Alabama Hops are FREE!!!TODAY our state Governor finally signed our gourmet beer bill into law. From all reports, the HUGE number of “regular” citizens who called, emailed, and faxed the Governor’s office made the final difference.

This means that only our Western neighbor, Mississippi, is the LAST of our 50 states that still has the strange, silly, and hurtful 6% ABV on beer.

Like so many others involved in the FTH effort, this really was the very first time I’ve gotten involved with our state politics. And believe me, it’s been QUITE an eye-opener. Among other things, it’s produced one of the most famous comedy lines in our political history

“Whutz wrong wit de beahr we got???”

That hilarious segment from last year’s legislative session is one of the funniest I’ve ever heard.

OK, America, we’re ready for some great new craft beers to come our way!

Hope everyone will have a GREAT weekend. As you can imagine, ours is gonna be considerably enhanced as the result of today’s terrific news. :-))

Tom Cale
Madison, Alabama

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