He’Brew Jewbelation 13 – Bar Mitzvah, Ep. 85

Posted by Paulon December 11, 2009 |
He’Brew Jewbelation 13 – Bar Mitzvah, Ep. 85

One more hop and one more malt added to make a grand total of 13 for each! Yes I’m talking about Jewbelation 13 – Bar Mitzvah, from Shmaltz Brewing. This year’s edition is bigger and badder then last years, as its brewed with a grand total of 13 hops, 13 malts and is 13% ABV. Certainly not for the faint of heart, Bar Mitvah is full of flavor and life as it takes its first step towards adulthood.

More fun facts about the number 13 from the fine folks at Shmaltz…

At High Holidays, Jews recite 13 Attributes of Mercy revealed to Moses at Sinai. 13 million Jews inhabit the globe. July 4th falls 13 days after summer solstice. 13 stripes on our flag represent the 13 Colonies. The 13th Amendment abolished slavery. Barack Obama represented the 13th district in the IL State Senate. In 1957 Sandy Koufax made 13 starts, struck out 13 in his first complete game, and pitched the final Dodger strike before they left Brooklyn. 13 attended the Last Supper. 13 bagels make a Baker’s Dozen, began for fear of punishment under a 13th c. English law regulating the price of bread and beer. “L’Chaim!”

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  • Adam Keele Said,

    I’m drinking this right now! I love it and recommend anyone to try it. I’m a malt fan I’ve got to say. Bocks (and German beers in general) and Belgians are my favorites. But this beer has something for everyone–it just might not be in the form you ideally want. It satisfies my malt cravings, but it’s got the hops to back up any hop fans. The nose/smell is heaven to me! Anyone that calls themselves a beer nut needs to try this beer!
    Love watching the show from iTunes!
    I also recommend to anyone to get to Moon River if you can! I was in Savannah last year doing some “training” for the TN Air National Guard and had the pleasure of checking the brewery out. GREAT BEER! I now live in Montana (three breweries here in Missoula alone), so it will probably be a while before I make it make to Moon River again. You guys NEED to bottle/can! I do love breweries that do 750 mL, wink wink.
    Keep up the great work!
    Try to get your hands on some Bayern Brewing beers for review…

    Posted on December 16th, 2009 at 11:11 pm

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