Terrapin Side Project 10: Capt’n Krunkles, Ep. 114

Posted by Paulon October 27, 2010 |
Terrapin Side Project 10: Capt’n Krunkles, Ep. 114
Halloween is upon us yet again so this week we’re pulling out a surly SOB that the Terrapin Beer Company calls, “the most feared captain on the high seas – Capt’n Krunkles”. It’s actually a newer style of beer called a Black IPA. Hoppy as IPA’s are traditionally, the “black” comes from roasted malts giving it a nice malty backbone and stout like color as well! This is part of Terrapin’s Side projects which are traditionally one time releases, BUT, if it’s popular enough, they’ll brew more much like they did with Gamma Ray and my personal favorite, Monk’s Revenge. If you’re not familiar with the Terrapin Beer Company, as a lover of American Craft beer, you NEED to be!!

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