Mother’s Brewing Company: Sandy, Ep. 172

Posted by Paul On September - 4 - 2012

This week on Beer America TV, we give a last cheers to the summer of 2012 with Mother’s Brewing Sandy! Described as a “Hopped Up Wheat” beer, this unfiltered summer delight has a low ABV with nicely balanced malt and hop goodness going for it! It’s a Summer seasonal only, so if you see it, […]

Harpoon Brewery: Summer Ale – Ep. 150

Posted by Paul On October - 25 - 2011

OK, we at Beer America TV know that Summer is officially over, but you can still find many summer brews on the store shelves and if not, then put this one in your cue for next year. We’re talking Harpoon Summer Ale from Harpoon Brewery in Boston MA. This is a K├Âlsch-style ale that is […]

Lazy Magnolia Indian Summer, Ep. 108

Posted by Paul On August - 11 - 2010

In the summer it’s hot and drinking a heavy porter might not be the beer of choice. Recently it seems many breweries are coming out with summer beers that are crisp, light and refreshing – more importantly they are American Craft brewed. This week we try Lazy Magnolia Indian Summer Spiced Ale. This American style […]

Episode 24 – Weyerbacher Winter Ale

Posted by Paul On December - 7 - 2008

Weyerbacher Winter Ale is full of all sorts of malty goodness and brewed with a deep-roasted chocolate malt. A perfect beer for the cool weather!

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