BridgePort Brewing Company: Summer Squeeze, Ep. 169

Posted by Paul On July - 28 - 2012

In the heat of the summer, there’s nothing like a cold beer! Even better, there’s nothing like a cold American craft beer!! This week on Beer America TV we’re talking about BridgePort Brewing’s Summer Squeeze. Brewed with Lemon grass and Yuzu, this “Bright Ale” is clean, crisp and leaves you with a bit of citrus […]

Full Sail Brewing: LTD 04, Ep. 158

Posted by Paul On January - 23 - 2012

Most of the time here on Beer America TV we discuss beers full of malt, tons of hops or a combination of both, this week, we discuss a beer thats basic, but still full of flavor. Full Sail LTD 04 is a beer brewed with only a single malt and a single hop, and it’s […]

Deschutes Brewery: Black Butte Porter, Ep. 156

Posted by Paul On January - 3 - 2012

It’s the beginning of 2012, so we here at Beer America TV decided to talk about an excellent Porter to help warm you in the crisp air. Deschutes Black Butte Porter is their flagship brand with an extrememly sessionable ABV of 5.2%. Malty goodness with a slight hop bitterness makes this multi-award winning beer a […]

Deschutes Brewery: Mirror Pond Pale Ale – Ep. 130

Posted by Paul On March - 24 - 2011

At Beer America TV we’ve reviewed many beers from many American breweries, but I have to be honest, it surprised us when we realized that we had yet to review a beer from Deschutes. Well , the wait is over! We start with their most popular offering, Mirror Pond Pale Ale. You would think this […]

Rogue Brewery – Santa’s Private Reserve Ale, Ep. 121

Posted by Paul On December - 22 - 2010

At Christmas time even Santa appears to need a little holiday cheer in the form of a quality American craft beer, so leave it up to the folks at Rogue to whip us a batch of Santa’s Private Reserve Ale! It’s actually a double red with a really nice malty back bone and a nice […]

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