SweetWater Brewing: SweetWater 15, Ep. 179

Posted by Paul On December - 23 - 2012

This week on Beer America TV we’re talking about the SweetWater Brewing Company and their anniversary beer, SweetWater 15! A tribute to 15 years in business, this undefined style is made from an old ESP recipe they had back in the early days, a given a little “bump” to make it bigger and badder! Believe […]

SweetWater 420, Ep. 173

Posted by Paul On September - 13 - 2012

Atlanta is very familiar with the Beer America TV team, but over the years we’ve failed to bring you many beers from there, so this week we aim to change that. The SweetWater Brewing Company is growing at an incredible pace these days and one of their staple beers has been their 420! This Extra […]

Terrapin: Indiana Krunkles, Ep. 162

Posted by Paul On April - 25 - 2012

I know we’ve been slow to roll out blogs here at Beer America TV, but this one is worth the wait as we tackle one of our favorite American Craft breweries – Terrapin Beer Company out of Athens Georgia. As Terrapin puts it – “Indiana Krunkles” Wheat I.P.A. boasts all the hop adventure of an […]

Terrapin Side Project 10: Capt’n Krunkles, Ep. 114

Posted by Paul On October - 27 - 2010

Halloween is upon us yet again so this week we’re pulling out a surly SOB that the Terrapin Beer Company calls, “the most feared captain on the high seas – Capt’n Krunkles”. It’s actually a newer style of beer called a Black IPA. Hoppy as IPA’s are traditionally, the “black” comes from roasted malts giving […]

Graduated Tax Structure Issue – Ep. 106

Posted by Paul On July - 1 - 2010

So you think you know what’s going on behind the American Craft Beer scene that we all love so much? Not so fast! As David Little and our resident brewer and Brewers Association board member John Pinkerton explain in this week’s episode of Beer America TV. “Beer Wars” gave us all some insight on what […]

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