“Beer America” Pilot/Idea, Part 2, 2004 – Ep. 118

Posted by Paul On December - 7 - 2010

Part 2 of the Beer America TV “It was my idea first” episode is here! After shooting my Beer America screen test with Dogfish Head owner Sam Calagione in 2003, I found myself wanting to shoot something a little more in-depth to shop to networks like the Travel Channel. A&E, Discovery, Scripts etc. So my […]

“Beer America” Pilot with Sam Calagione, 2003 – Ep. 117

Posted by Paul On November - 30 - 2010

LONG before Brew Masters, I wrote a TV show pilot simply called Beer America. At the time I worked for a company in Washington DC called O’Keefe Communications, I convinced them that this guy named Sam Calagione would be a great host for my little beer show and asked for their help to shoot a […]

Delay in BATV Vlogs

Posted by Paul On July - 23 - 2010

I want to apologize for the delay in posting more beer vlogs! Since moving to Fort Worth Texas, I’ve been extremely busy with my full time paying gig. Before coming here however, we shot a bunch of new beers that I will roll out soon! Behind the scenes, I’ve been continually working on launching BATV […]

The Hops are Free in Alabama!!!

Posted by Paul On May - 22 - 2009

Since our post on ABV limits was so popular and seemed to touch a nerve, I wanted to post an email from Tom Cale who has been very kind in keeping us up to date with the situation in Alabama. Thanks so much to all those who contributed to the conversation. Now we need to […]

Beer Wars, did I miss something?

Posted by Paul On April - 17 - 2009

As the lights came up in the nearly empty theater I was sitting in, I felt like I had just seen a documentary made by a charmingly geeky executive formally of Mike’s Hard Lemonade who is allergic to alcohol. Now to be fair at the top, I give Anat Baron kudos for putting the time […]

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