Beer Topics: Beer and Creativity, Ep. 184

Posted by Paul On March - 24 - 2013

This week on Beer America TV we look at the topic of beer and creativity. There have been scientific studies that show the increase in creativity and ideas after having a couple of beers – do you believe it? Check out our conversation and tell us what you think!

Beer Topics: Growlers, Ep. 181

Posted by Paul On January - 30 - 2013

This week on Beer America TV we’re tackling another beer topic – Growlers! These 64oz jugs of your favorite craft beer can be found in most states these days, but there are issues popping up in some areas that have a few brewers up in arms. What could it be? Tune in and let us […]

Are You a Craft Beer Snob? Ep. 175

Posted by Paul On October - 12 - 2012

This week on Beer America TV, we tackle an important topic: Are you a Craft Beer snob? Admit it, if you love American Craft beer, don’t you sometimes look down on people that drink one of those “other” beers? We think that’s a bad approach to educating people about the other choices available to them […]

Bottles vs. Cans, Ep. 166

Posted by Paul On June - 20 - 2012

We at Beer America TV have been talking about it on and off for the past couple of years on our blogs, but it was time to put it to the test. The question, does beer taste better in a bottle or a can? We take two beers, Ranger IPA from New Belgium, and Torpedo […]

Beer and TV, Ep. 164

Posted by Paul On June - 1 - 2012

Beer America TV is back, and we’re ready to dish out a few topics for YOU to comment on! This week we’re talking Beer and TV. This is a topic that We’ve actually been attacked over, but feel very passionate about since we’ve been pitching beer shows since 2003!! Like our opinions or not, given […]

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