Brewing up a new site

Posted by Paulon October 18, 2008 |
Brewing up a new site

As we continue to grow this site, we are smoothing out issues that periodically arise. We are currently in the process of changing out video players to Viddler and soon will be premiering a new cleaner look for easier navigation and room for more information based video already in production.

By moving to Viddler, the Beeramerica.TV bug is located on the lower right side of the player, which now covers text. We are aware of this and working toward fixing all the videos.

We have BIG plans for this site which will ultimately feature more video blogs, 2-4 a week instead of 1 a week. We plan on more travel and more interviews with the brewmasters that make some of the best beer in the world! We plan to attend more beer festivals and have more interaction with YOU, the visitors of BeerAmerica.TV!

Thanks for coming to our site, and if you have any suggestions on how we can improve things, please send them along.

Paul Leone – Video BrewMaster

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