Beer Topics: Growlers, Ep. 181

Posted by Paulon January 30, 2013 |
Beer Topics: Growlers, Ep. 181

This week on Beer America TV we’re tackling another beer topic – Growlers! These 64oz jugs of your favorite craft beer can be found in most states these days, but there are issues popping up in some areas that have a few brewers up in arms. What could it be? Tune in and let us know your thoughts or if you’ve had any of your own issues with Growlers.

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  • BA-User-8674 Said,

    I’ve been to dozens of shops that sell growlers all along the east coast and I’ve never seen a shop using a randall being used. I’ve seen it in bar situations and most beer consumers are intelligent enough to know that the beer being served through a randall has been fundamentally altered from the base beer and I think it’s within the right of the store or bar to serve it that way so long as it’s clearly indicated to the consumer.

    Posted on February 10th, 2013 at 1:06 pm

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