Beer America TV will be on The Brewing Network

Posted by Paulon March 20, 2009 |
Beer America TV will be on The Brewing Network

The Brewing Network’s Sunday Session will feature Moon River Brewing and our good friend John Pinkerton this Sunday March 22nd. John will be discussing a host of topics including brewing techniques and BeerAmerica.TV.

Joining John will be Paul Leone, David Little, and Chris Lady. Lots of fun and of course plenty of beer tasting will occur, so tune in Sunday night at 8pm EST on the Brewing Networks website

About the Brewing Network’s Sunday Session:

The original Brewing Network Sunday show that brought live beer radio to the internet. Each week the BN crew covers a homebrew and/or craft brew related topic in depth through guest interviews with beer industry professionals and celebrity homebrewers. With a fresh mix of fun and information, an eclectic cast of characters, and live interaction with listeners, The Session brings beer radio to life!

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  • Ezra Said,

    What’s the Hoppiest moment for me?

    At every sunrise I bow towards Anderson Valley praising the Gods for endowing us all with Hop Ottin’. Finally, evening arrives and the freezer delivers a frosted pint-sized vessel into which the enchanted contents swirl, lingering a brief moment, before a burst of hop-ladened nectar washes over my beckoning lips.

    Ahh, the alpha-aroma yeilds to a deliciously crisp, alluring bite that sirens another amber wave of effervescent ecstasy. Like Centaur amidst a bevy of nymphs in an enchanted forest pool, a chorus of hop-crazed tastebuds gloriously squeal their unmitigated approval. My Herculean search is over, in my hand the Holy Grail,I am in love through all eternity!

    Alas, though euphoric, I am slayed by the inevitability of yet another finished glass….

    Posted on March 23rd, 2009 at 7:40 pm

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